"Classical Dressage Training in Practice according to the H. Dv. 12 "


This book is my husband’s life’s work, which is dedicated to the well-being of horses, something I have always supported. We founded the “Friends Association for Classical Dressage Training” in 1977, so that classical equitation the way it was taught at the world-famous Cavalry School of Hannover didn’t disappear. In particular, I would like to emphasize his work with poorly trained horses. Thanks to his comprehensive expertise and riding ability, he was always able to correct them and make them into rideable mounts. My husband’s tireless energy in the training of horse and rider, as well as his sense of duty to “the cause“ he had chosen to serve, were the main contributing factors to the writing of this book, especially after his expert articles “Classical Dressage Training in Practice” had gained nation-wide attention in Germany.

Frau Schwabl