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Dressage training: Background and Tips All riders, whether competing or riding for pleasure, want to have a tractable, relaxed and motivated horse when they are ready to get into the saddle. This depends primarily on the riders’ understanding of training and training methods. The more riders know about their horse’s physiology and psyche, the better their understanding of these training methods. By following the practical advice in this book, riders will be able to achieve their desired training goals most efficiently, while at the same time handling their horses gently and keeping them physically and mentally sound. The authors: Knut Krüger learned the correct and gentle method of training dressage horses from Paul Stecken, who emphasized the importance of repeatedly riding young and even older horses in a lengthening position. Paul Stecken had a training system for older horses that slowly and systematically prepared them for correct collection by teaching them to bend the haunches and raise the forehand. Knut Krüger works with the training scale to teach horses the principles of rhythm, relaxation, impulsion, etc. and keep them healthy in mind and body while doing so. He also takes horses that have suffered under severe training methods and guides them to recovery. Dr. Konstanze Krüger studied veterinary medicine, has been riding since she was young and was active in 3-day eventing. From 2005 – 2012 she worked on the social behavior and mental abilities of horses for the Zoological Institute at the University of Regensburg. Since 2012 she has been working at the Applied University of Nürtingen as a professor for equine behavior. Further Information can be found on her website and in Wikipedia. In this book, Dr. Konstanze Krüger gives a clear description of the medical basis for her training methods and how to use them. Together the Kruegers managed a riding school near Regensburg (Bavaria) from 1999 to 2005, and the experience they gained there, plus their veterinary and equitation backgrounds, has culminated in many practical training tips that they have included in this book. A “must“ for riders who want to exercise and train their horses for dressage. “This book is also used as a training manual for the state-run driving school in Austria and is recommended reading for drivers and riders. “


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